Panthers forward posts video of himself doing one-legged squats on ice

Jaromir Jagr has thrown out his latest Facebook challenge. But before accepting, you might want to watch the video.

The Florida Panthers’ forward posted a video of himself doing squats. With one leg. On the ice. While nothing seems to be too difficult for the 45-year-old Jagr, even he called this challenge “probably neobtížnìjši,” which translates to “most difficult.”

“The time has come for the next challenge you got this. And in my opinion, probably neobtížnìjší Well judge for yourself. And most importantly — don’t forget to film, so I can see (maybe) have fun.”

Other challenges on Jagr’s Facebook page including juggling three balls and holding himself in a seated position against a tree, but this one-legged deal certainly raises the bar.

Good luck.

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